Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Academic Compass Retreat 2013

Our annual Compass Retreat happened in Exeter, RI. Student shared their amazing work and we had a rich conversation with visiting Scholar Nada Ali and Artist Khalid Kodi. Visiting Scholar: Nada Mustafa Ali She is a scholar, practitioner and women's rights activist. Her research interests include gender, race, 'difference', intersectionalty, gendered processes of conflict, peace-building and post conflict reconstruction. She is completing a book on gender and Sudan's exile politics. She is a visiting assistant professor at Clark University. Visiting Artist: Khalid Kodi Khalid is long recognized as a prolific Sudanese American master artist, has emerged as a central figure working on a multi/cross-cultural concepts. He uses contemporary themes for traditional story telling with references to magical realism, intricately layers textures, symbols also figures, and by synthesizing colors/rhythms. Through his work. Kodi advocates for and humanizes victumsm of war and genocide in Africa and exposes these events to a larger community. Adriana Katzew, Assistant Professor, Art Education Sharon Dunn Professor Emerita, Studio Foundation

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