Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Shall Moulder before I Shall Be Taken

Mercedes Evans presented the film: I Shall Moulder before I Shall Be Taken. This documentary is about the research her husband-David Evans did with Allen Counter on the African Tribes in Surinam, South America. These tribes waged a successful rebellion over 300 years ago against their Dutch captors. We had a discussion about the difficult reality of cultural preservation and modernization and its effect on these tribes.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hall of Black Achievement (HOBA)

Stephen Hamilton was recognized at the 21st celebration honoring student achievers at Bridgewater State College. He is an honor student in the illustration department and the current student government representative for the major. He is an active member and treasurer of the Black Artist Union and a member of the student advisory board for multiculturalism. He is a Teacher in the Art A La Carte Program, which provides free art classes for Boston Public School students. He has exhibited in the Brant gallery, Doran gallery, Student life gallery, and the presidents gallery at Massart as well as the Piano Factory Gallery in Boston and Roxbury open studios at Massart.


Compass students enjoyed a visit from Tenzin Yignyen, a Tibetan Buddhist monk. He constructed a mandala sand painting, a powerful tool for Tibetan Buddhist meditation, from millions of grains of colorful sand. It was then dismantled as a teaching on the development of Great Compassion and the Nature of Impermanence.

Noah Stout, a Compass Graduate Mentor made a wonderful film on Tenzin's visit: