Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MassArt Graduation 2013

Congratulations to all MassArt Graduates this year! Janfrevic Lujeres, Fashion Design Aneisha Malcolm,Film/Video Thonah Ep, Architecture Sarah Sabino, 2D Fine Arts: Painting Davey Chhoeun, Fashion Design Rose Grushkin, Art Education Chris Colon, 3D Fine Arts: Sculpture

Compass Retreat

Academic Compass Retreat 2013

Our annual Compass Retreat happened in Exeter, RI. Student shared their amazing work and we had a rich conversation with visiting Scholar Nada Ali and Artist Khalid Kodi. Visiting Scholar: Nada Mustafa Ali She is a scholar, practitioner and women's rights activist. Her research interests include gender, race, 'difference', intersectionalty, gendered processes of conflict, peace-building and post conflict reconstruction. She is completing a book on gender and Sudan's exile politics. She is a visiting assistant professor at Clark University. Visiting Artist: Khalid Kodi Khalid is long recognized as a prolific Sudanese American master artist, has emerged as a central figure working on a multi/cross-cultural concepts. He uses contemporary themes for traditional story telling with references to magical realism, intricately layers textures, symbols also figures, and by synthesizing colors/rhythms. Through his work. Kodi advocates for and humanizes victumsm of war and genocide in Africa and exposes these events to a larger community. Adriana Katzew, Assistant Professor, Art Education Sharon Dunn Professor Emerita, Studio Foundation

New York Field Trip

Our annual field trip to New York included visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Rubin Museum in Chelsea.

Alison Saar, 2013 Adderley Lecturer

Compass and Black Art Union Students (BAU) participate in a discussion with visiting artist Alison Saar. Alison Saar was the 2013 Adderley lecturer: http://www.massart.edu/Galleries/Visiting_Artists/Alison_Saar.html